Strange Barbecue Fellows

Ulrichandfriends0002Look what we found while searching through the QConf archives!

It’s a photo dated back to, we believe, 2011. It includes Rockaway civic leader Lew Simon, Matt Conklin from VFW Post #260, embattled former State Senator Shirley Huntley and Eric Ulrich at a VFW annual barbecue in Broad Channel.

While we imagine, this photo would not be considered notable at the time, but looking at it now brings a different reaction.

We all know what happened to Huntley: she resigned from the State Senate after pleading guilty to embezzling money from a nonprofit company. Simon ran against Ulrich two years ago for the City Council seat that Ulrich holds. The race was the closest for a Council district in the city. Ulrich prevailed.

But this picture was before all of that happened; a slightly different time in their lives for sure. We wonder how Conklin feels about this picture now.

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