Student Charged With Slashing Classmate In Jamaica

A student at the Young Women’s Leadership School in Jamaica has been charged with assault after she allegedly slashed a classmate on Tuesday.

Police said that 17-year-old Ashlyana Foster, of Jamaica, got into an argument with another girl student in the school media room around noon. The clash escalated and the two allegedly came to blows. Foster is accused of pulling out a knife and slashing at the victim, striking her multiple times in the head and neck.

Within the hour, police arrested Foster. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital and is expected to recover from her injuries.

The Department of Education told PIX 11 that it has already began looking into the case.

“Safety always comes first and there is no place for weapons of any kind in our schools,” according to a statement from the DOE. “The NYPD and EMS immediately responded to and addressed this serious incident and we are providing the school with additional support to ensure appropriate follow-up action is swiftly taken.”

–Trone Dowd

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