Take To The Street: Get On The Bus

Bus fare is currently $2.75, payable with a MetroCard or coins (no pennies). People 65 years or older and people with qualifying disabilities who show proper forms of identification (including Reduced-Fare MetroCard or a Medicare card) are eligible for reduced fares.

Bus stops are located at street corners and have a tall, round signs with a bus emblem and route number. Some stops have bus shelters.

All NYC Transit buses are accessible to customers who use wheelchairs. Certain bus seats are reserved for people who use wheelchairs and must be relinquished upon the bus operator’s request. These seats are clearly marked. Although some seats near the front do not have to be given to elderly persons, it is considerate to do so.

Buses stop about every two or three blocks. Buses marked “Limited” make fewer stops. Push one of the tape strips located between the windows or stop buttons on the grab bars of the newest buses in order to signal the driver to stop. You should exit at the rear door to keep out of the way of people trying to board the bus.

If you pay your fare with a MetroCard, you may transfer free from bus to subway, subway to bus or bus to bus within two hours of the time you pay your fare. Unlimited Ride MetroCard includes all transfers at no charge.

If you pay your fare with coins, you may transfer free between buses with intersecting routes. You must ask the bus driver for a transfer when you pay your fare. The transfer is a single-use MetroCard with a black strip along the bottom. When you catch your connecting bus, insert the transfer into the bus fare box — black stripe to the right side. Transfers are good for two hours from the time you pay your fare.

For your late night safety and convenience, Request-A-Stop bus service allows you to request to be let off at a location that is not a bus stop and is available from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., seven days a week. Simply inform the bus operator where you want to get off.

Select Bus Service
The MTA is instituting a bus rapid transit program known as Select Bus Service across the city. The service debuted its first Queens route – the Q44 – in 2015. It had been instituted on the M60, a bus that runs from Harlem to LaGuardia Airport, a few years ago.

Select Bus Service is a limited bus route in which fares are collected by machines at the bus stop and not on the bus itself. Passengers get tickets that they carry onto the bus as proof they paid the fare. This allows commuters to board the bus from both the front and back and reduces delays while waiting for commuters to each swipe their MetroCards one by one.

The MTA recently instituted Select Bus Service on the Q52 line along Woodhaven and Cross Bay boulevards.

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