Take Your Life Back!


Greater Springfield Community Church

Scripture: Proverbs 23:7

Everyone has moments when they feel their life is spiraling out of control. Some may think their relationship is too far gone for repair or possibly have been unemployed for a length of time and have given up on the search for that well-paying job they so desperately need. Some reading this article may have even succumbed to one of the many health challenges facing our community today.

Whatever your dilemma is today, keep in mind that it is not too late to take back your life of victory and abundance. Too many times when things go wrong, we say things like “the devil is always busy.” That may very well be true, but you should really sit back and ask yourself: “What does that have to do with me?”

Whenever you speak about taking something back, you need a plan. Whether it’s your financial stability, relationships or health, a plan is absolutely needed in order to pull yourself out of the situation you’re in. A good plan can only be created—then effectively executed—through your determination.

However, the most important question I want to ask you today concerns your attitude towards executing that plan.

What drives your determination? Your thoughts!

Before you can take back your life, you first must take back your thoughts. Blaming the devil about everything isn’t going to change your situation and it definitely will not get you back on your feet. The enemy knows if he can get into your mind, he controls your thoughts. His plan is to make you think of yourself in direct contradiction to the original plan that God has designed for your life. The devil is very strategic. He knows how to make people do what he wants them to do when they are distracted.

Life’s circumstances are nothing more, at times, than a temporary distraction. You cannot allow your current circumstances to dictate your future. Keep your mind right and you will keep your life right. When we are challenged in the natural realm, our first mindful engagement is to not lean on our own understanding, but in all our ways to acknowledge God. Ask God for a plan, ask God for guidance, ask God for strength, ask God for patience and be sure to ask God for His favor on your life.

This first step keeps you focused on the very one who can turn your entire life around. Without a good relationship with God, the devil has a much greater chance to control your thoughts. Once the enemy controls your thoughts, he controls your attitude and, eventually, will control your actions.

The devil doesn’t have more control over you than you. You can be your best motivator and educator—however, you can also be your own worst enemy. It’s time to take that life back that has been designed for you to thrive, soar and reap an abundant harvest.

God bless!

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