Teen Gets 20 Years For SEQ Crime Spree

A Brooklyn teenager accused of raping a Jamaica Avenue store clerk was sentenced to 20 years in prison in Queens Criminal Court last week.

The teen, 17-year-old Donovan Fenton, pleaded guilty to the May 6 assault on a 50-year-old woman as well as two other armed robberies in the area late last month. According to Queens District Attorney Richard Brown, police were able to match DNA and fingerprints from the rape kit to the scene of the crime.

Queens Supreme Court Justice Richard L. Buchter sentenced Fenton to 20 years in prison, followed by 10 years’ post release supervision. In addition, Fenton will face five years in prison for each count of first-degree robbery, followed by five years’ post release supervision. All sentences will be served concurrently.

Brown said that he was shocked by the young defendant’s crimes.

“The defendant is just a teenager and still in high school, but his crimes were so vicious and deplorable, it baffles how someone so young could do something so horrendous,” Brown said. “Earlier this month, the defendant pleaded guilty to a crime spree that culminated in the rape of a woman who was old enough to be his grandmother.

For this sexual assault and the two armed robberies just days before, the 17-year-old defendant will be locked away from society for a very long time.”

-Trone Dowd

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