The Case For Sending Your Child To A Day Camp


Photo Courtesy of Mill Basin Day Camp


While the summer doesn’t technically begin for a few more months, parents should already be making plans if they intend to send their children to a summer day camp.

Many parents will likely agree that day camp is a great option for them during the work week as it provides a space where their children will have adult supervision. But camps are even more beneficial for the children who attend them.

Below, the PRESS of Southeast Queens has listed several reasons why you should consider sending your kids to a day camp this summer.

For starters, camps provide much-needed socialization opportunities for children when they are out of school during the summer months. Attending a camp can enable kids to branch out from their school friends and meet new people. Plus, camps typically draw children from a variety of backgrounds and, in the process, expose campers to a diverse array of people in their age range.

Another benefit of camps is that they often help children with self esteem. While at camp, children do not have their parents or siblings there to help them solve problems, and depending on the type of camp in which your child participates, they can learn new skills through the variety of activities that such programs typically offer.

Day camps in New York City offer a number of activities, including sports, dance, arts and crafts, swimming, cooking and educational opportunities. So, day camps can become extensions of the school year as children learn while having fun. Not only can they discover hidden talents while at camp, but they can also develop new interests.

When choosing a camp for your child, it is important to bring them along while visiting different programs and facilities. By including them in the decision making process, you can get a sense of which types of programs would be most beneficial for your child. Plus, if they are able to get a feel for the camp, it could make the adjustment period for them shorter once camp begins.

It is important to conduct as much research as possible on the day camps that you are considering for your child and ask as many questions as possible while visiting them. Some questions that parents frequently ask include who is watching their children at the camp, how qualified they are, whether background checks are conducted on staff members, how camps integrate children who are new and how the camp handles bullying and discipline.

Another important factor that should be taken into consideration is early enrollment. Often, day camps provide early bird discounts for parents who enroll their children early. Plus, the earlier you enroll your child, the more input you will have on your child’s placement—for example, ensuring that they get placed with their friends in preferred groups.

Day camps are a great way for children to spend their summer break that often combine learning with socialization and fun activities.

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