The Importance of Community News

While technology continues to advance and the way we get our information continues to evolve, the medium of print is seemingly a thing of the past.

But that doesn’t mean that the news our local papers provide should—or will—disappear overnight. While there are no shortages of social media accounts and citywide dailies bringing you the stories that are crucial to being an informed citizen, there’s a certain niche that is filled by community outlets such as ours—a niche that would be irreplaceable should it vanish.

We at the PRESS of Southeast Queens believe that investing in your local papers—whether it’s the Queens Tribune, PRESS or any of our competitors—is paramount in making sure that the community watchdogs keeping an eye out for the little guys are here to stay. There will undoubtedly be bumps in the road and drastic changes to how that news is brought to you. There will undoubtedly be changes in how these sources of information survive. But ensuring that the spirit of local journalism stays alive is an important aspect of any community. And trust us, we don’t want to go anywhere either.

To local businesses in the borough: Continue to invest in us throughout the city. Your interest in our survival will keep the people you serve informed. It is a greater good that ensures our communities stay strong.

To our readers: Continue your interest in the goings-on in your city, your neighborhood and your block. Your concerns and queries on what’s taking place become the stories that we tell.

Going forward, we want to continue to make great strides in how we bring the fundamentals in community reporting to you—whether you’re a traditionalist, picking up a copy of our paper at your local library, or a weekly visitor of our website.

And we want YOU to help us in our efforts. Call us. E-mail us. Visit the site. Let us know what we’re doing wrong! What we’re doing right! What YOU’D like to see. You, our dear readers, are the life blood of our organization and we can’t do this without you.

Thank you for supporting the PRESS of Southeast Queens for 17 years. We have been proud to serve this great community and look forward to sharing your stories for decades to come.



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