The Irony Of Being Upset About Ivanka’s Heckling

A Personal Perspective

Some jerk saw first-daughter-elect Ivanka Trump on an aircraft with her husband and children and proceeded to “heckle” her because he’s unhappy that her father won the presidential election.

Well, millions of others feel the same way, but what’s the point in heckling a member of Donald Trump’s family — in front of her small children no less? Maybe the guy had one too many at the airport bar.

That said, does anyone else see the irony of well-meaning people (to Ms. Trump) trying to destroy the heckler’s career and that of his husband? For years, President Barack Obama was hounded and disrespected about his place of origin.

Even after President Obama finally gave in and sent to Hawaii to get the document just to put the matter to rest, Trump still refused to accept that President Obama was born in the United States.

He’s either so dumb he didn’t realize Hawaii is United States territory; or he was just plain angry that an African-American had become president that he couldn’t stand it. So he was determined to undermine the president with this cruel, dumb witch hunt even after he had finally shown him “his papers.”

It took Barbara Walters, looking into the camera on her show, The View and telling him that she feels that as his friend she should tell him, “…You are being a jackass! Stop it!” to finally get him to stand down; and even then, he never apologized and never said he was mistaken. To this day he has not.

And yet, because some jerk on a plane was mean to the poor little rich girl, people want his life unraveled. Ivanka Trump has not been elected to anything. There is no need to go bonkers because someone acted childishly toward her by happenstance. In fact, she handled herself with grace.

The guy was obviously wrong. But compared to her father’s relentless persecution of President Obama and even now, disrespecting him at every turn on his way out the door, this is nothing.

And it’s not just [Donald] Trump either. Some of his supporters have said the vilest things about the President and First Lady. In fact, just earlier this week Carl Paladino, the bully from Buffalo, who was co-chair for the Trump campaign, fired off some more nasty shots at the sitting first couple.

This grown man – a grandfather even – said he hopes that President Obama would mate with a cow in January, get mad cow disease as a result and die; and that First Lady Michelle Obama would return “to being a man” and be “sent to live in a cave with a gorilla in Zimbabwe, Africa.”

Clearly, the failed gubernatorial candidate (against Cuomo) is not just a racist, he is cruel, immature and just a despicable human being.

In the Black community we are quite anxious to see the next few weeks run out so that President Obama can get out safely and get on with the rest of his life. Those who are disingenuous will never give him credit for his accomplishments: universal healthcare, saving the auto industry and indeed the economy from certain ruin; socked it to Osama bin Laden for 9/11, ended two wars and so much more. But honest people know and appreciate his service.

What has Ms. Trump done that we should be so upset that she got heckled by some knuckle head? Nothing of value to anyone but herself thus far! It’s also rich in irony that Mrs. Melania Trump, our incoming first lady, plans to embrace an anti-bullying platform. Good for her. She should start with her husband.

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