There Are No S-Hole Countries, Just A S-Head ‘Leader’

A Personal Perspective

Queens is said to be the most diverse borough in the nation. Needless to say, we have large numbers of people from two of the nations and the continent that the president of the United States has called “shithole countries.”

Most of these immigrants and their offspring live in Southeast Queens and are among the hardest working, most ambitious people in the area. As students, professors and administrators, they are also well represented in higher education.

They are tax-paying property owners and they teach in our schools. They are doctors in our neighborhoods and nurses, administrators and physicians in our hospitals. They care about their homelands and love their new country.

How then does Donald Trump insult them by denigrating their places of origin? The answer is simple: That man, as the old saying goes, has no sense. Donald Trump, the self-described “stable genius,” is as shallow as a saucer.

Haiti, we all know, is the “poorest nation in the western hemisphere.” It would be much more beneficial if the president were to help Haiti help itself. The Haitian people deserve better.

Whether they are stuck in “tent cities,” in the homeland following the 2010 earthquakes, living in lovely private homes there or living in the United States, Haitians deserve respect. Their country is not a “shithole.” It is a place that has promise, but needs help getting there.

Trump apparently made the statement during a meeting regarding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Under the Trump administration, thousands of people under the DACA umbrella are at risk of deportation to their native countries.

It was during that meeting at the White House that the so-called leader of the free world rhetorically asked why people from Haiti, El Salvador and African nations should be given a break, calling them “shithole countries” and asking why we don’t take more people from Norway.

Not only did Trump make it clear that he does not want people from black and brown countries, but he made it abundantly clear that he has a preference for places that are” lily-white.”

I have been around lovely people from El Salvador, interacted with people from all over the African continent and count many Haitian-Americans among my close family friends. In fact, one of my daughter’s godfathers is Haitian-American. He and her father grew up as friends in church and remain BFFs.

His lovely extended family “adopted” my husband as an honorary member long ago. In short, there are no lovelier people than the network of Haitians we love.

Haiti was the first place anywhere to gain independence from its colonizer. But hard knocks, whether in leadership or from Mother Nature, has stymied Haiti’s growth.

The people are hardworking, talented and resilient. They look after one another in times of crisis, but they need help fixing the myriad problems that have held the country down.

But Donald Trump would rather put them down than lift them up.

As for Africa, there are more real geniuses from that continent than dumb Donald could count with a calculator. And then there is El Salvador, a picturesque Central American nation of creative, hardworking and proud people.

Trump was uniquely unqualified to lead his company and even more unqualified to lead the greatest nation in the world. Make America great again? Not with him. Just as he bankrupted his company financially, he is bankrupting America morally.

He needs to be “deported” from the White House back to Trump Tower.

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