Trump’s Troubled Cabinet

To The Editor:
Now that the Electoral College pot has simmered down and the ascension of Donald Trump is official and irrefutable, we can laugh and cry about truth being stranger than fiction. Who could have believed that this expression would spring to surrealistic life?

And now for something completely different – his cabinet nominees. Some of Donald Trump’s nominees are a composite of Roald Dahl, the brothers Grimm fairy tales, Lewis Carroll and Alfred Hitchcock and perhaps a marriage of Hieronymus Bosch and Dr. Seuss. These proposed appointees show that nothing is impossible when you suspend your faith in the internal control of common sense over bizarre straying of reality.

Could it be malicious satire?

Who better to nourish public education than a secretary pledged to starve it? What greater champion of the purity of earth, air and seas than their avowed poisoners and vandals? What more natural fit as labor secretary than a self-styled mortal foe of collective bargaining and ardent stripper of workplace protections?

And what more sterling candidate for Secretary of Energy than Rick Perry to apply the jaws of life to an Agency to which he gave a flubbed kiss of death when he made the inadvertent supreme sacrifice of his own presidential ambitions by vowing to get rid of the Department of Energy but only remembered the “Department of” part of its name?

Perry’s two immediate predecessors were both nuclear physicists, one of whom won the Nobel Prize. Everybody knows that Rick Perry is no rocket scientist.

The incoming Secretary of the Interior will carry out his mission of safeguarding public lands from industrial exploitation by signing them over to diggers, blasters and mutilators of the soil who share his conviction that when science stands in the way of the disembowelment of the land, it is a hoax.

And who has President-elect Trump put in charge of the agency concerned with small businesses? The top executive magnate of the multi-billion dollar wrestling company, Linda McMahon. She is the wife of the president and CEO whose father was the founder of the professional wrestling empire. Clearly she embodies the “mom and pop” concept and the struggle for a marginal existence.

In a world turned upside down, these appointees are impeccably qualified.

Criticism of them is not based primarily on ideological revulsion, but rather on the infuriating proof that people of no standard can be judged optimally worthy.

President-elect Trump has hired several military leaders to key national security positions. Regardless of how one may feel about these individuals or war machines, at least it is undeniable that they are specialists in the areas in which they are being entrusted. But that cannot be said about the above sample of vapid but mighty nonentities.

Is Trump Tower a comedy club for gallows humor? Are we cracking up as an audience or as a nation?

Ron Isaac,
Fresh Meadows

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