Turn From Channel Zero


Greater Springfield Community Church

Scripture: Psalm 119:37 (NIV)

Today’s scripture speaks about turning your eyes from worthless things. Eyesight is a valuable gift to have. However, if you don’t use the gifts properly that God gives you, you will not be able to reap the benefits that God has on reserve for you. In order to receive victory, you need to be focused on winning. When God says that the battle is mine, He is actually telling you to not waste time and energy on fighting things that we have no business fighting. We need to turn our eyes from worthless comments, thoughts and even people.

Our eyes are to be focused on where we are going. When someone doesn’t focus while driving, they are not only putting their own life in danger—but also those of others. When you’re off focus, you become a hazard to yourself and others around you. As a father, I know that my eyes must stay focused on the things I want to leave behind for my children one day. Although some parents think it’s only important to leave behind material riches for their children, what’s most important to me is that they first adopt the morals, character and attitude that is pleasing to God.

The things that my children see me do, they will more likely to mimic. What we teach them, they will probably teach their children. When watching television with my son, who is only 6 years old, we have a process of figuring out when it’s time to turn the channel. Although the movie or show we are watching is often said to be family oriented, we sometimes overhear language that I don’t feel is fitting for a 6-year-old. My son, therefore, is a TV monitor for the family when watching movies. Anytime a word is said that is on the “Craig’s bad list,” he makes a count—and when we reach three bad words, we turn the channel.

Life is very much like TV. There is a vast array of different distractions on television that can get you off focus if you’re tuned into the wrong channel. Learn how to turn your eyes—or turn the channel, so to speak. Many people are thrown off course because their eyes are set to looking at worthless things in life. This scripture—in its few words—is telling you to turn away from that distraction. Turn away from indecent behavior. Turn away from negative people.

Turn away from doubters. Turn away from company who drag and weigh you down.

The channel you need to lock into every day is that which empowers you, gives you direction and feeds your spirit to push through the storms of life. You don’t need approval from anyone—you just need approval from God. Your actions are directly related to what you see. Turn your eyes from channel zero and let’s get focused on moving in the direction that is directly related to our destiny. When you use the gift of sight properly, you can see dead-end paths before you enter them. Our eyes allow us to see danger far in advance, so we can avoid the very things that contradict your destiny.

The dictionary entry for zero (0) is explained to stand for the “absence of quantity.” Therefore, if the enemy would have his way with you, he would love to see you stuck on channel “0” and not operate in your purpose or focus on the great destiny God has designed for you. Channel zero represents no progress, no advancement, no breakthrough, no change, no opportunities and no victory. You may feel today as if nothing is moving in the direction that you wish for it to go. God is calling you to turn your eyes and look toward the hills from which cometh your help—for your help comes from the Lord. Turn to the best channel in life—God.

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