Two Campus Magnet Schools Will Enter Final Year


Two schools are Campus Magnet Complex will close next year.


District 29 will take another hit after this school year when two high schools close.

The Business, Computer Applications & Entrepreneurship High School and Law, Government and Community Service High School are scheduled to close after the 2015-2016 school semester.

Originally proposed in 2013, the city Department of Education’s cited the schools’ poor academic performance as reason for the phase out. The agency held town hall meetings where parents, students, teachers and community leaders heavily criticized the proposal. Both schools held rallies, signed petitions and advocated on behalf of their school, but in the end, the Panel for Educational Policy voted in favor of the phase-out.

BCAE and LGCS are not the first schools to close in the district, in fact, Southeast Queens – which encompasses districts 29 and 28 ‑ has had six closures since 2007, more than any other area in the borough.

Documents obtained by the Press of Southeast Queens show P.S. 30, Springfield Gardens High School, I.S. 31 Magnetech 2000, Jamaica High School, LGCS and BCAE have either closed already or are slated for closure in June 2016.

Often times, closed or collocated schools are closed or collocated numerous times. Before BCAE and LGCS were opened, the building held Campus Magnet High School. Originally, it was Andrew Jackson High School.

The serial closures and renamings have irked the Southeast Queens community for years. Almost every proposed collocation is met with much resistance, as parents and educators said the Bloomberg administration was too quick to shut education facilities down.

Closures and collocations in districts 28 and 29 were discussed during last month’s Community Board 12 meeting, when rumors swirled of a collocation coming to August Martin High School. The board called on their elected officials and the DOE to support the schools of Southeast Queens, which they said often get the short-end of the stick.

“This is all residual from a previous administration and now it is rolling downhill and is going to hit us in the face,” CB 12 Chairwoman Adrienne Adams said during the board meeting. “Parents are choosing what they want to do and it just so happens, many are choosing to let me and the few of us here to stand in their place.”

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