Two Star Students Help Peers After School


Students Januben Patel (left) and Pushpita Gupta (right) are Hillcrest High School students. Photo by Bob Harris


Hillcrest High School’s Januben Patel and Pushpita Gupta give new meaning to the word active.

The two are both members of the Hillcrest High School Book Club and volunteer their time at the school library.

In addition to their work in the library, Patel and Gupta both have ambitions to work in the health industry. Patel is part of the school’s health careers institute and volunteers with the program during her free time. Gupta, who is in Hillcrest’s pre-med institute, does the same during her free period every day.

The girls do community service at nearby PS 86, helping English as a Second Language children do math and learn English, acting as assistant teachers. The aforementioned Hillcrest Book Club meets at the end of the school day after ninth period. The two girls provide the book that is set to be discussed for the month and have read all sorts of genres, including science fiction and mystery. They read out loud, then discuss the book in depth with their peers, dissecting what they got out of the text. They have also been known to contribute drawings regarding the story of a given book, word searches or puzzles made up of words in the book.

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