“What Time Is It?”


Greater Springfield Community Church

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

For everything, there is a time and season. Time is the one thing you can never rewind or get back. If you lose money, you can get it back. If you lose a house, you can eventually purchase a new one. But just like life, if you waste time, throw it away, or destroy it, it’s gone forever.

The other night I witnessed one of the most heartfelt speeches of all time. President Barack Obama took the opportunity to acknowledge his closest friends and family while at the same time, speaking about the experience he has had as President of the United States over the last eight years.

Just like the President, we all have a time to do a job. If we are mindful of our purpose, we will do our job to the best of our ability. I’m sure Mr. President at times questioned himself about his ability to perform greatly in such a position. Many of you reading this column may be asking yourself the same question regarding your life. Be sure that there is a time and season for everything. However, it is our duty to know when and what season we are in.

The climate of this nation is heating up with anticipation on what this next administration will do once in power. I have seen people literally change when given a position of power. Everyone is not cut out to do the same job or perform on the same level. In order for you to use your time effectively, you must first know something about yourself. First, know your strengths and your weaknesses. This will allow you to pick and choose the projects and the duties of life according to your ability to do so.

For example, if I know I don’t have the gift to sing people into a frenzy, then I will probably not focus on a career that involves or requires singing. God has given us all certain gifts and talents to maneuver with. Whatever your gifts are, be sure that you are too talented, gifted and anointed to not be seen. God has made us all in his image and his likeness and He would like to see you soar in the season He has ordained for you.

If you feel you wasted time then let it go and start over from this particular point of your life and make the best of it. I listen to people talk about what they are going to do when the new administration takes over. I believe the best thing to do is to always keep our leaders in prayer. Our leaders have the ability to impose structure that may have an effect on our lives either in a positive or negative way. In such a world today where we see so much evil, unrighteous behavior, terrorism and unnecessary violence, I believe this is a time for us not to turn from God but rather grow closer to Him. I believe He is trying to capture our attention. I believe more than ever before that this is a time to pray, fast, sacrifice, focus and be determined that we will do all we can do to make this land a better land for us and our neighbor, regardless of their skin color, religious belief, family culture or body shape.

It’s time for us to make sure we’re maturing the way God wants us to mature. Let us do the things that are right to others, speaking life into the lives that are around us and being mindful of the daily impact we’re having through random acts of kindness to make this world a better place. Be sure to make the best of the time God has blessed you with.

God Bless you.

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