Where Are Your Roots?


Greater Springfield Community Church

Scripture: Matthew 4: 3-8

The scripture today is based on a parable of the farmer who, like yourself, went out to sow seeds in the ground.

We, as follower in Christ, make our own choices in life that determine what type of seed we plant.

This parable illustrates that a farmer was distributing his seeds, some fell along the path, leaving them vulnerable to a number of different elements. Some of these seeds were scooped up by birds for food. Some fell on rocky places, but with very little soil, making it unable to establish the roots needed to stay alive. Some fell among thorns where the thorns choked the plant as it began to grow.

However, the Bible declares there were still some seed that fell on good ground and was able to establish a root and produce a good crop that multiplied 30, 60 and even 100 times. Therefore, the question I pose to you today is:

What type of farmer are you and what type of seed are you planting for your life and your future?

This parable illustrates that in order to become a good farmer, you must know the importance of the process. The seeds that produce good crops and prospered sometimes up to 100 times over are the crop that was planted in rich soil. In other words, being surrounded by good people, those who are great leaders and up-lifters, will produce a nourishing environment for you to grow and receive all the resources that are needed to produce and prosper.

The next step after being planted in good soil is knowing how to produce your root. This is the process where you have identified the place where you will build a foundation in this particular area of life. The root is the key to your personal growth and development. You will never produce a good crop—nor will you see prosperity—if your root is not strong. It is the root of a palm tree that allows it to bend, but stand firm, during the course of a storm.

If you are rooted in shallow soil, you will be like the seed that sprang up quickly, but was scorched by the sun and withered to nothing when tested by its environment.

If you find yourself not prospering, not growing and not being fruitful, then you need to check and see where you are. Are you finding yourself backsliding or stuck in neutral? Are you just waiting around for something to happen without preparing for your blessing or putting in the proper time and work? If so, then you will see others come by and eat up your seeds like the birds. Don’t let someone else take from you that which could have been your breakthrough.

This last scenario that the Bible mentions in verse 7 refers to seed planted among thorns. There comes a time where you may need to detach yourself from friends and family who are hazardous to your spiritual growth.

Doubters, haters and naysayers in your life are like thorns that are unsupportive to where God wants to take you. Being surrounded by these thorns daily will literally choke the life out of your visions, goals and dreams you once had as you began to grow. Living among thorns can make you succumb to failure. You have been created to be that good seed planted in good soil. Make the choice to remove yourself from those thorns. Make the choice to work hard, sacrifice and have an unwavering faith.

Lastly, make the choice to surround yourself with people who have achieved the very things you are trying to accomplish.

May God bless you.

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