Who Told You That?


Greater Springfield Community Church

Scripture: Genesis 3: 11-13

This week, we are going back to the beginning.

In the Garden of Eden, after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, they hid, ashamed of their actions. God came to them and said, “Adam, Eve, where are you?” Adam replied to God, explaining that they hid because they were naked. God said to Adam, “Who told you you were naked?”

This is a striking exchange that is often missed by even the most diligent of readers. There is a telling lesson to be told here. In other words, God is asking Adam, who told you that something was wrong with you? See, God immediately knew that the enemy was talking to them. The enemy is always looking to get you out of your good graces with God. When he has successfully tricked, connived or convinced you to do something that God has already told you not to do, he has his victory. If the enemy is able to control your mind, he is also able to control your actions. I believe God is trying to tell you something through this scripture: Be careful of who you listen to!

Not everyone who says they’re a friend is actually a friend. Don’t listen to those who tells you anything contrary to what God has spoken in your life. When you know what is right, your duty is to do just that regardless of what anyone else is doing.

My son is six years old. Before we leave the house to get him to school, I tell him to repeat these following words after me: “I am anointed. I am powerful. I am handsome. I am strong in the Lord. I am God’s chosen child. Therefore, I will be obedient, joyful and a blessing to God’s people.”

Repeating this every morning constantly reminds him who he is in Christ, and how he is supposed to think and do as one of God’s children. Although a six-year-old child is still going to do what six-year-old children do, these are important seeds being planted. This kind of thing is not just for our youths; We all need to remind ourselves every day of our status and what God has called on us to do so no one can convince us of anything differently.

The enemy will at every opportunity try and get you to doubt the promise over your life. But God is saying to you today, don’t believe that enemy in your life. Who told you you don’t have what it takes to live a fulfilled life? Who told you you were average? Who told you something was wrong with you? Who told you you weren’t designed to succeed? Who told you you were a “C” student and not an “A” student? Who told you you couldn’t go back to finish your education? Who told you you are unattractive? Who told you you would never receive the relationship you desire? Who told you you had to settle for what you have currently? Who told you you’re all alone in this walk of life? Who told you you’re unable to make it to the next level? Who told you you had to stay stuck at that dead-end job? Who told you that it’s better to be in an abusive relationship than no relationship at all? Who’s been lying to you? Who told you that your marriage was not going to last?

Get rid of that defeated mindset. Get rid of these poisonous people in your life. Your value and your gifts and talents have been placed inside of you by almighty God. God says you are mighty. God says you have a gift. God says you are talented. He says you have a treasure on the inside. He says you are valuable. There comes a time in everyone’s life where you need to remove your old clothing and put on a new line of clothing. Cover yourself with a new way of thinking, perceiving and reacting. Continue to tell yourself I am anointed, chosen, valuable and I have a bright future filled with success, wins and joy.

I wonder how many times God may have told us how He wants to do great things in our life and rather than focus on His promise we focus on the things we don’t have and the obstacles standing in our way. Before we know it we have talked ourselves out of God’s best.

Stop thinking you can’t receive that job because you feel you’re not qualified or you can’t pursue your dream because of your lack of confidence in yourself. Quit looking at what you don’t have and know all things are possible. So believe the best is yet to come. Why?

Because God told you that!

May God Bless you!

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